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In a world of mobile and social sharing, ZipStream has created MicroNewsand a revolutionary new way for brands and their agencies to engage with customers.

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What is ZipStream

ZipStream is a video news network built for mobile and social sharing. Our stories (Zips) are short, smart, and make watching news fun. We tell you just what you need to know and people are loving them! Brands are flocking to our MicroNews™ Platform. Using machine learning and data science, Zips are programmed to work together. They coordinate. Making them far more effective engagement tools than traditional media.

Your story deserves a remarkable experience.


What is MicroNews

MicroNews changes everything.  Today, more people get their news from mobile devices than any other source. MicroNews (we call them Zips) are bite-sized snacks of video news perfect for mobile and social sharing. Zips are powered by machine learning and intelligence. They collaborate and work together to be 10-100x more effective engagement tools than traditional news or content. 

ZipStream is the MicroNews Company.

Trying to Feed a Billion People With GE Lights

Tour a Data Center Built Inside a Nuclear Bunker

The Beautiful Art of Hijacking Ads

A Car That's Faster Than a Speeding Bullet


A new type of news for brands. 

A Zip Original™ is your brand’s own high-engagement original video news series that gives your customers a daily news experience. Themed, on brand, and at scale, it gives you a constant conversation with your customers. Our goal is to help you turn strangers into customers and customers into promoters of your brand.

What you thought was impossible for your brand, is now possible.

ZipStream News

News Network

News for a world gone mobile, social, and video.

ZipStream is an innovative video news network built for people who get there news on mobile devices and through social sharing. We aim to connect deeply with our viewers, and give them authentic news worth sharing with their friends, family, business associates, and co-workers. Our stories are fun, easy to watch, easy to digest, clear and concise. ZipStream is redefining news.

Those who tell short-engaging stories rule today’s digital world.

ZipStream News

Solutions for Brands

MicroNews for brands. Incredible results.

Our powerful enterprise technology makes us the leader in creating, distributing, and optimizing MicroNews content for brands. Every customer of yours has a phone in their pocket and that’s an opportunity. We make your story becomes a daily video news experience designed to be so compelling that your dream customers keep coming back for more.

Compare: Traditional News vs Zip Originals

MicroNews™ moments are critical touch points in today’s purchasing journey. ZipStream helps determine how that journey ends.

The Micro Movement is in the news.  It’s a game changer for companies that are there.